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ADPAC CIC is a civic and social organisation that represents the socio-economic interests of the British African and African/Caribbean population. We provide advocacy, educational initiatives, social cohesion frameworks, employment initiatives, public meetings, community consultations, online events and shows, social media messaging (LinkedIn/YouTube/Instagram/Twitter) and policy forming on specific issues to benefit the population we serve.


We work across economics, education, employment, health, housing, justice, politics, trade and industry and media. We have a number of grassroots delivery partners from around the country who work directly on the ground with local communities. Our role coordinates initiative activity through structural cohesion by creating funnels that establish databases for us to signpost our followers to delivery partners.

ADPAC CIC media team frequently creates campaigns that engage the British African & African/Caribbean population to produce funnels that aggregate details to sign beneficiaries up to initiatives and signpost services. Our influence comes from the continuity of our digital and physical events, initiatives, support for local councilors and Mayoral candidates, advocacy and educational resource signposting.


Let us know below exactly how we can enable you to reach the African & African/Caribbean population  


Please fill in our contact form and tell us a bit about what you would like to accomplish and our team will turn your brief into a strategy for campaign roll out

Please also include your available budget

Thank you for submitting your interest to ADPAC CIC Campaign
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