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African/Caribbean boys wellness project

Turning policy into practice from consultation to initiative design and delivery

The African/Caribbean boys wellness project is a culturally competent public health approach to ascertain our boy's challenges, in order to provide viable and effective solutions by gathering intelligence by direct consultation with cohorts between 12-13, 14-16 and 16+

This is a holistic multi-agency approach that also holds consultation with the boy's parents in order to enable a high adoption rate for the resulting initiatives that will appeal to both our boys and their parents nationally


The studies combine teachers, mentors, social services, psychologists, wellbeing practitioners, mentors, policymakers, law enforcement, careers guides, child-parent intervention, student advocates and street patrol wardens. ADPAC calls this the Schools to Industry Pipeline


12-16 year old boys consultation

Community consultation

Our consultation separates the boys into 12-13, 14-16 and 16+. This gives us a good idea of the specific needs, requirements and vulnerabilities of the respective cohorts in order to create effective policy and deliver transformational initiatives.


Boys parents consultation

Community consultation

Our consultation with mothers and fathers is facilitated by wellbeing practitioners and a child/parent intervention counselor. Psychologists and policymakers are observing this session in order to contribute to the overall project so that we achieve maximum adoption.


Initiative design and delivery

The safe space peer lead sessions will now serve as proof of concept for modular and scalable rollout to schools, youth and community centers and purpose-built spaces for young men to express themselves openly and honestly without fear or anxiety of peers.


Download PDF to find out more about the African/Caribbean Boys Wellness project

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