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Effective African Diaspora Representation

Forming policies that put the British African Diaspora first

ADPAC CIC is a civic and social umbrella established to protect and serve the interests of the African Diaspora with specific focus on enabling the socio-economic growth of the British African Diaspora population.


Our activity includes advocating for our issues, lobbying, training and coordinating the activity of grassroots organisations, professionals and advocates for and on behalf of our members. We promote and support the creation of legislation that will positively impact on our members.


ADPAC CIC endorses and support the APPG on African Reparations, which are institutionally owed by Britain to the descendents of the British slave trade {African holocaust} which Britain officially took part in from 1640 to 1807. We also endorse and support the case against English family legacies that benefited from the role in the African holocaust and subsequent enslavement of African people.


Our initiatives are diverse and includes training programs that specifically protect us from structural racism. The Schools to Industry Pipeline was created for this very reason, in order to create a culturally competent public health approach for our young people to protect their right to a full education and seamless pathway into employment or entrepreneurialism.

Membership events and benefits

Our monthly member meeting is held at Conway Hall in Holbourne, offering the opportunity to meet and network with other members whilst learning from cutting-edge panels. Our monthly meeting is also streamed to the member area of our website.

Membership also includes distance learning courses that include professional and personal development. There is a member community forum on our website for each of our focus areas, this offers the ability to establish working networks.


Trustees and Directors

ADPAC CIC is actively seeking Trustees and Directors to serve our membership and the wider African Diaspora by forming policy that specifically serves us, that can be used as the basis of initiatives to solve our historic challenges.

National Directors guide the policy we create in their areas of expertise across, economics, education, employment, health, housing, justice, politics, trade and industry and media.


Local Authority & Public Sector Contracting

Civic Solution Partnerships use first-principles reasoning to circumvent the gaps between forming policy and creating initiatives that specifically serve the African Diaspora population.

By frequently holding community consultations around specific themes and then analysing results to produce recommendation reports and form policy that informs initiatives, we then tender for public sector contracts to execute our initiatives.


Shared Values

Our training and conferences encourage shared values that align the 2,457,549 African & African/Caribbean population

Shared Principles

The byproduct of those shared values is a new infusion of shared principles that can be adopted by our 2,457,549 population

Shared Practices

Those shared values and principles lead to shared cultural practices that enable us to quickly establish collective accomplishments

Shared Outcomes

It is inevitable that we will accomplish shared outcomes based on our adoption of common practices that enable us to pool our resources 

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